The Team

L’equipe à Fondugues

Danielle Rey Costes Delavigerie

Hailing from a family of six-generation winemakers from the Langudoc region, Danielle Rey is the heart and soul of Pradugues Fondugues. Her parents, wine distributors and sailing enthusiasts, discovered the small port and fishing village of St Tropez in the 1950s and quickly fell in love with the region. In 1966, they decided to purchase the Pradugues vineyard, and the adjacent Fondugue vineyard shortly after.

Stephen Roberts, Proprietor and Wine Grower

Like our vines, Stephen has American rootstock, but during the last fifteen years in France he has worked in communications, technology, and international relations before settling in the south of France to be a wine grower.  While the property has been in the family since 1964, Stephen conceived the project to produce high quality wines on the domain since completing his studies in Winemaking, Viticulture and Estate Management at the Université du Vin in Côtes du Rhone.  His vision has been enhanced by his team of top professionals from both new and old world wine industries.

Charles-Henry Sans, Cellar Master

A native of Bordeaux, Charles-Henry studied winemaking and viticulture at the CFPPA Gironde before cutting his teeth in Medoc at various chateaux vineyards.  His experience in organic and biodynamic farming has helped us to renew the vineyard, restore biodiversity and breathe new life into our soils.

Valerie Marzano, Office Administrator

Valerie has over fifteen years experience in team administration and office management, and is in charge of the financial and administrative aspects of the project.  She has a passion for wine, and studied Agricultural Accounting at the Universtié du Vin in Côtes du Rhone.

Hadrien Lottiaux, Commercial & Marketing Manager

Hadrien, a native to the region, studied in vineyards in the Bordeaux region and Loire Valley in France, but also in Hungary and Spain, before returning to his roots in Provence.

In addition to being an expert in oenology and viticulture, he has excellent business and marketing skills, which makes him the ideal person to deal with the personal and professional buyers of our wine.

Léa Balestracci, Manager @ L’Ephémère

Léa is the “Tropézienne” of the team, and a real ambassador of the Provencal traditions.   She is in charge of events and our tasting room “Le Chai”.

Julien Fayard, Winemaking Consultant

Based in Napa Valley, but from Provence, Julien has been consulting on the farming and winemaking at Fondugues-Pradugues from the beginning. He brings his experience of more than a decade of working with some of the most highly acclaimed and sought after wines from the Napa Valley.

Juan Carlos Fernandez, Architect

One of the leading talents in winery design in Napa Valley, our winery is his first in Europe.  We chose Juan Carlos based on his unfailing attention to detail and sober aesthetic.  His design has evolved to include production buildings, tasting rooms, housing and storage buildings.

Pascal Costamagna, Architect

Pascal is the French counterpart to Juan Carlos, and oversaw the construction of the winery buildings.  Much more than just an execution, Pascal brought his own contemporary architectual vision to the project.

Nicolas Calmein, Vineyard Assistant

Nicolas was hired to manage and care for our workhorse on the vineyard, which is his profession but also his passion. After studying different aspects of environmental protection, he decided to focus on working with horses and farming. An avid horse rider since childhood, he quickly developed a bond with our Percheron workhorse, Byzance, and now oversees everything related to working the land on the vineyard. Efficient and rigorous, the duo are key to attaining the natural balance our vines require.

Byzance, Percheronne

Born in Urbise in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, our Percheron workhorse, Byzance, sets the pace of our work in the vines. In October 2016, after being trained in the Champagne region, Byzance joined the Fondugues Pradugues adventure. Working steadily and deliberately, she plays a vital role in the day-to-day operation of our vineyard.